Yakisugi Platter - in Ash
Yakisugi Platter - in Ash

Yakisugi Platter - in Ash

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Yakisugi Platter from Ash 

Size - D 45cm x H 2.5cm 

Finish - Tung Oil and Waxes 

A classic form, simple and graphic with a gentle dish, set off the surface with the use of three carved feet. Some really beautiful rippled and characterful grain through this piece. 

Treated with a food safe product so would be perfect for fruit or a decorative table centrepiece. Has a small warp on the base and doesn’t quite sit flush so the price has been reduced. 

Sourced from trees that had to be felled a few years ago in our woodland. Unfortunately we have had a lot of problems with ‘ash dieback’ a disease which ash trees get. 

I’m really trying to make the most of this ash wood while we still have it. As such I’ve continued working on these yakisugi pieces and they have come to be a bit of an obsession, really fueling my creative expression. 

‘Yakisugi’ is a Japanese method of wood preservation using fire, dating back to the 18th Century and often used to treat the external wooden cladding of a building. 

Here I’m using Ash which has an open grain structure and the rapid springtime growth is far less dense than the later summer growth. This burns more easily and so when brushed down creates a beautiful texture all over the surface. 

After scorching, the pieces are meticulously burnished using a stiff brush, removing loose char and bringing the surface to a slight polish. 

 All pieces are stamped with my makers mark, a very subtle ‘H’ on the underside so as to not detract from the beauty of the object. 


- Tung Oil comes from a nut so please be aware if you have a nut allergy. 

- do not let fruit rot in the bowl 

- hand wash / wipe down only 


Yakisugi Platter - in Ash
Yakisugi Platter - in Ash
Yakisugi Platter - in Ash