Soy Candles - Bergamot Small
Soy Candles - Bergamot Small

Soy Candles - Bergamot Small

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Essential oil soy candles with a woodwick in a handmade concrete container.

A simple cylindrical container with a chamfered base designed to be a minimal and contemporary form.

Soy candles are clean burning and a far more sustainable alternative to their paraffin counterpart and there is no alternative to real essential oil fragrances. The woodwick is just a pleasure to watch burn with its charming and atmospheric crackle.  

Where possible I like to design items that have multiple uses, so when your candle has burnt out you can turn it into a plant pot. The candle wax will seal the inside of the concrete waterproofing the surface so now becomes a perfect pot for your new plants.  

The concrete is cast using silicone moulds and is very smooth to touch. A cork base is adhered to the underside making them friendly for any surfaces.

Some really fantastic marbling patterns and characteristic bubbles on this one.



Height  -  Width  -  Internal width  -  Volume  -  Burn Time (approx)

7.5cm       7cm             6cm              110ml             25hrs

Soy Candles - Bergamot Small