Flow Candlesticks - Singles

Flow Candlesticks - Singles

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For those that don't want the whole set, I have these five which you are able to purchase individually. Please select from the drop down menu.

The idea behind this design was to create fives pieces written with the same language to create a cohesive group and the challenge was to make them work individually as well as a collection using simple graphic forms.

The overarching concept that these pieces aim to celebrate is the flow of candle wax over their surfaces. Almost inevitably candles with drip and often in quite attractive ways so this design aims to take advantage of that. Each candlestick tapers in a different way and so either slows the flow of wax or gives it a quicker ride down.

For this set in particular, the patternation is consistent all over with quite beautiful patches, marbling and mottled appearance. This is also quite rare to see, normally there are a just few spots or darker patches here and there but these are very well marked. 


10 x 6 cm